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  • GT Omega - ART Simulator Cockpit

GT Omega - ART Simulator Cockpit

With its functional design and adjustable setup, the GT Omega ART racing simulator is the ultimate cockpit for serious sim racers looking for complete adjustability, rigidity and a true racing position. It has been designed with various adjustments to suit users of all shape and sizes allowing the player to adjust the wheel platform height, pedal platform angle, gear mount height, length of the cockpit frame and the seating position of the seat, The complete sturdiness of the GT Omega ART supports professional pedal sets as well as being compatible with all major wheel and pedals including Logitech, Thurstmaster and Fanatec. The unique design allows the cockpit to be separated into two halves removing 2 bolts and then both halves can be folded down for easy transport or storage. The GT Omega ART cockpit is also upgradeable allowing you to customize and add numerous ART accessories to enhance your ultimate racing experience.
€ 385.95
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