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  • F1 eSports League Manager App

F1 eSports League Manager App

Formula League Manager App

What is Formula League Manager?

Thanks to our experience in managing the F1 Online Championships, we have developed the perfect platform for managing the Codemasters F1 game online leagues.

How to Start


Register on our website if you are not already registered
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Request League Manager

Compile the form and wait the activation
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Manage Your League

Start creating and managing your league. If you need help you can expect on our technical support.


Admin Dashboard
Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard

Mobile App - League
Mobile App - League

Mobile App - League

Driver Stats
Driver Stats

Driver Stats

Race Results
Race Results

Race Results

Admin Dashboard

League Manager Dashboard

Manage your league

Admin area where you can log in to manage your league. Available from Desktop or Smartphone.

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Mobile App - League

League Dashboard

View league details

Driver Stats

Driver Stats

View driver stats

Statistics of the driver's results, comparison with teammate, race results

Race Results

Race Results

View the race detail

Track information, qualifying results, race results, pole position, winner.


Customize League

Customize your league by choosing the version of the game, number of drivers, assists available, rules.

Public and private leagues

Choose whether to create an open league where anyone can register or a private league, where a invitation code will be needed to access.

Races Calendar

Select the tracks on which the drivers will fight, for each race you can customize the start date/time, race lenght, race order.

Race/Qualify Results

You will be able to easily manage the results of the race and the qualify for each appointment of your championship. The standings for drivers and constructors will be generated automatically.


Automatic generation of driver and constructor standings.

Drivers Stats

For each driver and team statistics: nr of victories, pole position, championship position. You can also compare the results with that of your teammate.

Race Attendance

Directly from the app the drivers will be able to notify their presence or not to the races.

Race Incidents

Race incidents management via the Race Direction panel, to assign penalties to drivers.

Discord Integration

If your community has a Discord server, it will be possible to integrate our BOT, to receive notifications on attendance, update rankings and race results.


Through our support team, we will help you with management. If you have problems or suggestions we will be by your side.